For the love of the game!

Back to the early morning starts as we faced Threemilestone FC away in some sort of knockout trophy.

The pitch was perfect, the weather was perfect, no one was hungover. When things are flowing this smoothly in a Sunday League environment you know somethings not quite right. Oh yeah, the other team only have 9 men…

But at least they turned up. They gave it a go. But after 25 minutes we had scored four. I scored again into an open net. They hadn’t had a shot, they’d barely entered our half, and in truth it was getting a bit boring. Like a training drill. We could have easily kept going, it would have been double figures in the scoreline.

The players just told the ref enough is enough, and gave us the win. But we’d travelled all that way. So in the spirit of teamwork and good faith we gave them two of our subs and had a friendly fixture. The ref sat on the touchline. Everyones happy. We won in the friendly fixture too but it wasn’t the same.

In fact after a week of football it was quite underwhelming but thats Sunday League for you. They say you never forget a goal you score but I’m not sure I can really count that as a proper goal, who knows.

Thanks for reading, I hope to bring you a better blog about a better game next weekend!


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