Boots boots boots. Any avid footballer loves a sexy pair of cleats. But a beautiful pair of football boots is different for different people. Is it the look you go for or the feel? Or is it who wears them? For instance you could be a fan of Puma because Sergio Aguero scores goal after goal wearing them. “Boot Babble” will be a monthly feature I write eyeing up new releases from footballs most popular brands. As this is a Sunday League themed blog, I will judge them against the Sunday league ideal to see if they are worth sporting on a muddy Sunday morning at the local park.
Before I judge other boots I feel its only fair that you the reader get an opportunity to judge what I am wearing this season. I own two pairs of boots, a Firm Ground pair which has moulded studs, perfect for hard surfaces and 3G. Then a Soft Ground pair which is perfect for when the pitch is pure mud, the metal studs give a lot of grip on wet boggy surfaces.

Enough with that, my FG pair are fairly new from Nike this season. Its the Nike Premier 2.0 collection in the black and white variant. These boots cost £75 on Pro Direct SoIMG_3358ccer. The surface is made of leather and has a fold over tongue like Adidas offer on the Kaisers or the Cops Mundials, however this has a Velcro patch below the tongue that attaches it to the boot. I LOVE these! Its not all about the colour of a boot its what you do with them that separates you from the rest. These are comfy and have been surprisingly durable, no tears despite being used a lot on 3G which can cause damage. I invested in “Dubbin” which is like skin oil for leather football boots!



It helps to keep the leather looking fresh and healthy, and for what £3.99 its a bit of a bargain. I like quite wide boots as ive got wide feet. These boots offer comfort with the wide fit and have classy features such as the Nikebrand written on the heel. Most importantly for me they aren’t too jazzy they are smooth, easy on the eye and do what I like from a boot.


Finally my soft ground pair of boots that I have worn in all my games this season are the PUMA ONE 17.1. The ONE range from is a new collection from Puma after having the Evopower and the Evospeed for a few years it was about time they spiced up their collection. I have these in the black and silver variant. I already know your thinking silvers a bit too eccentric for Sunday league however it is not a vibrant silver it compliments the shade of black well and doesn’t stand out, as you can see in the photo below. Again the boot is a wide fit, however the difference compared to the Nike Premier is that this boot as like a sock on top of the boot. A lot of brands have incorporated this sock like look I think it was originally the laceless Adidas aces or the Nike mercurials that really started this. I believe the aim of it is to make you feel more connected with the boot, and I concur when you place your foot into the boot it enters another universe. It is SO COMFY the mesh sock really creates a nice seal to the ankle, and where other materials have caused blisters before the Puma sock has provided ultimate comfort on the pitch. In my opinion they fit the Sunday League ideal and are very durable I have had them half a year now and have noticed no wear on the exterior so they are very successful so far!cropped-img_23201.jpg





What boots are you wearing? Let me know! Comment down below, tell me your opinions on boots, what is your ideal boot?


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