Pre Match Prep – 2 Types of Player

The Responsible Choice:

The responsible choice is well… responsible. An early night will mean you’re going to play better tomorrow, right? Surely? You’ve got your evening all sorted, instead of 3am donner kebabs. You’re having a takeaway deal. 2 pizzas, 2 sides, and a drink. When it arrives you settle down, feet up. Slurp a cool beer  with some Saturday night TV. Then for the best part of the night. A cup of tea, and Match of the Day. Bliss. You’ve seen the days games, and its 11:30 so you hit the sack. 8/9 hours sleep and you wake up feeling fresh and ready to smash your Sunday game! What could be better than that?

The Fun Choice:

The fun choice is a really good laugh, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time. There’s a party on, which everyone is going to, so you can’t miss it unless you want to be a the one who missed a sick night out. You go out but tell yourself:

“Look Tom you’ve got a football game tomorrow morning don’t get too drunk, only have a few beers.”

Before you know it 2 beers turns into 4. Then beer turns to spirits. Then spirits turns to running around campus with a cardboard box on your head at 3am. Look on the right, there’s all the proof you need. Nonetheless it’s totally worth it because you had a great night out despite the fact if you’re lucky you’ll get 3 hours sleep.

IMG_2348The fun choice has a catch though as you can grasp by the end of the last paragraph. 8:20 an alarm goes off. You wake up, and slam it on snooze. Your head is spinning and your stomach is gurgling. Stumbling around the room you either feel hungover, or worse you’re still drunk! Just contemplating the thought of any type of food makes you gag, so you skip breakfast, the so called most important meal of the day. Your throat is dry, so so dry. Water or in my case a cup of tea is now your best friend. Cradle it, nourish it, cherish it. Because in less than an hour you’ll be being made to jump into tackles, when realistically what you want to be doing is jumping back to bed. However, this is Sunday League, where its not surprising to see a good number of the team feeling a bit worst for wear. The fun choice is fun, until the morning after!



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