Match Day Routine

So this is my regular routine for a home Sunday League match. This tends to happen when we play at the Dracaena Centre and if the kick off is 10:30. Do note if one were to be hungover, the routine probably wouldn’t be followed as closely as it should!

8:20 Wake up and get kit together (Boots, shin pads and a drink.)
8:30 Breakfast, tea and toast.
8:50 Walk to Bus stop
8:56 Bus journey to the football pitch
9:20 Arrive at Draceana Centre
9:30 Wait for team to arrive, get changed into kit.
9:45 Begin warm up, pulse raiser, stretches and ball work.
10:15 Back to changing room. Pre match brief. Team News 
10:30 Game kick off.
11:15 Half time.
11:25 Start of the second half.
12:05 Full time.
12:10 Back to changing room. Debrief. Get changed. Man of the match and D**k of the day awards.
12:30 Get the bus home.

Thats how a Sunday seems to pan out for me. Obviously there a factors that could change this that routine. For example, the referee turning up late, or the other team not having a full squad so the match kick off time is delayed.



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