Training Diary 20/02/2018

I’d like to think that people would know me as a footballer who gives 100% all the time. I certainly think I give that level of effort into training or a match. And maybe it is that which is causing me injuries. My teammates say I’m made of glass! This season alone I’ve suffered a twisted knee, a groin strain and an ankle sprain. I’m still awaiting my infamous calf problem which has troubled me in the past! Fingers crossed I can keep injury free till the end of the season. I’ve been criticised before for not leaving enough time before going back to football after an injury, and in hindsight I was a bit thoughtless and that probably hasn’t helped my fitness. However, for a guy that lives and breathes football to see others playing, while the closest you get to the beautiful game is a match on Fifa, it does hurt.


A few “keep ball drills” and objective drills were thrown into training. I saw them out comfortably. Thats my aim for now to see out training, increase my fitness then move on up to my best. Although taking on 4 to dribble to the end zone in one of the games does show that despite taking it easy I haven’t lost that desire to succeed.

Training ended with a 7 v 7 match, where I did feel a little behind but I kept working, playing almost up front for a lot of it. Little things like closing down the defenders on the ball. Maybe I’d win it off them 2/10 times. The 8 that the ball goes past me I’d sprint to the next defender until its no longer necessary for me to continue my press. Its effectively Fartlek training. A couple of quick sprints, then when the balls gone, you have a break. Then you go again. I recall scoring a nice goal with my weaker left foot but thats as far as evening went. I like to think I am more of a assist king rather than a goal scorer. It was a cold night under the stars, one of those that if you block a powerful shot, the ball is going to sting. If you suffer with asthma (which I have previously) its going to impede how much you can do. But most importantly it was one of those where everyone is sniffling with the cold! Even if your nose wasn’t blocked before the game, somehow nature finds a way to be a nuisance.




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