Hi I’m Tom founder of Sundays are for Football and welcome to my first ever blog!

The clues in the title if your curious as to what this is all about – Football. Sunday league football. Proper football. Where in many cases all the things of modern football are sort of non existent. Bright boots, diving, exquisite playing surfaces, and transfer extravaganza is almost a myth. Hence why I love playing it!

A little about me. I’m from Plymouth, studying Sports Journalism at Falmouth University! I used to play for Plymouth Argyle at youth level but have since played for Saturday teams as I’ve grown up. On the pitch I like to think I’m a versatile attacking player. I’d favourably play the “number 10 role” but have found success playing on either wing and occasionally up front although finding the net is something that seems to come as a rarity… Which frankly is rather annoying.

So, my Sunday league time are in fact my University team. Falmouth and Exeter Union FC or as we call it FXU. At the moment we play in the Cornwall combined Sunday league which has 5 teams in it including us! That doesn’t sound a lot but each team plays each other twice and the top team get put into another league that starts after Christmas. Then the other 3 are merged with another league again after Christmas. Although this league is not completed yet. Due to rain. Rain. Bloody Rain!

This blog will follow my personal struggles (which there are many.. believe me!) and performances as well as our team. Showcasing what it actually takes to create a team and to make a game playable. There’s more to football than just the scoreline and a league table and hopefully this blog will intrigue, interest or maybe inspire you to take part in it!

Do you play Sunday league or have any questions about it? Feel free to comment any queries below! Thanks for reading!








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