My Football Journey!

As long as I can remember I've loved playing football, watching football and basically revolving my life around football. Some of my earliest steps were on a beach kicking a football, and I started playing properly when I was about five years old every Saturday with my local football team Torpoint Athletic F.C. I remember... Continue Reading →

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For the love of the game!

Back to the early morning starts as we faced Threemilestone FC away in some sort of knockout trophy. The pitch was perfect, the weather was perfect, no one was hungover. When things are flowing this smoothly in a Sunday League environment you know somethings not quite right. Oh yeah, the other team only have 9... Continue Reading →

Padding Up

Shin pads, a necessity in football. Especially Sunday League football. The last thing you want is to get a studs up tackle to the shin with no shin pads. That could end your career! I'm evaluating the different types of shin pads, because though the concept of a shin pad is simple, but there is... Continue Reading →


Boots boots boots. Any avid footballer loves a sexy pair of cleats. But a beautiful pair of football boots is different for different people. Is it the look you go for or the feel? Or is it who wears them? For instance you could be a fan of Puma because Sergio Aguero scores goal after... Continue Reading →

Pre Match Prep – 2 Types of Player

The Responsible Choice: The responsible choice is well... responsible. An early night will mean you're going to play better tomorrow, right? Surely? You've got your evening all sorted, instead of 3am donner kebabs. You're having a takeaway deal. 2 pizzas, 2 sides, and a drink. When it arrives you settle down, feet up. Slurp a... Continue Reading →

Match Day Routine

So this is my regular routine for a home Sunday League match. This tends to happen when we play at the Dracaena Centre and if the kick off is 10:30. Do note if one were to be hungover, the routine probably wouldn't be followed as closely as it should! 8:20 Wake up and get kit... Continue Reading →


FXU FC VS Falmouth Athletico | 25/02/18 | Draecena Centre Yes you guessed correctly by the title, today we had a friendly. After saying in my last post that a friendly is unlikely due to the pitches being out of action, it turns out I was mistaken. The weathers turned cold, but no rain has... Continue Reading →

Training Diary 20/02/2018

I'd like to think that people would know me as a footballer who gives 100% all the time. I certainly think I give that level of effort into training or a match. And maybe it is that which is causing me injuries. My teammates say I'm made of glass! This season alone I've suffered a... Continue Reading →


Hi I'm Tom founder of Sundays are for Football and welcome to my first ever blog! The clues in the title if your curious as to what this is all about - Football. Sunday league football. Proper football. Where in many cases all the things of modern football are sort of non existent. Bright boots,... Continue Reading →

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